Galina Lopatina

“Galina Lopatina”

Beauty Old country estate The origin Three moods Yachts

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The Luxor Museum of Art is proud to include the works of Galina Lopatina in our exclusive collection: “The Luxor Museum Collection”

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Luba Sterlikova

“Luba Sterlikova”

“Evocative, enchanting, enticing…
A sensual energy pervades all her compositions, demanding attention and holding the viewer in thrall. “

Peter London,
Editor, Art in London magazine

Luba Sterlikova - Almost Flemish Tulip I - 26x30 oil pastel.jpg Luba Sterlikova - Aloha 1 - 24x24 oil.jpg Luba Sterlikova - Corn Flower - 30x30 oil on canvas.jpg Luba Sterlikova - Four Seasons - 36x36 oil on canvas.jpg Luba Sterlikova - Kissa\'s poppy - 18x24 oil on canvas.jpg Luba Sterlikova - Seasons - Spring - 36x36 oil on canvas.jpg Luba Sterlikova - Three Gracies - 24x48 oil on canvas.jpg
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The Luxor Museum of Art is proud to include the works of Luba Sterlikova in our exclusive collection: “The Luxor Museum Collection”


Russian born, Luba Sterlikova currently resides in the US and is known to the artistic community as LUBA.

Both Russian and American influences can be detected in her work, as the Eastern vivid colors blend symbiotically with more Western shapes and structure.

Her work is often compared to that of American icon Georgia O’Keefe, but Luba’s passionate approach is undeniably her own.

Keshav Malik, Indian art critic, called Luba’s work ’a juicy genre, as rich as Keats, the poet’s fruity poems.’

The artist’s interest goes beyond stylizing natural forms. Rather, Luba explores shape and color to evoke in each composition an expression that is both provocative and poignant. Characterized as

intense and exotic, Luba’s floral compositions strike a balance between the bold and the graceful; they are simultaneously intense and delicate.

Luba’s work has been referred to as provocative and sexually charged,

although she prefers to call it romantic.

Her now famous floral impressionism series, is complimented by still life images of fruit and vegetables such as plums, apricots, eggplant and squash, produced in the same stylized manner as the sybaritic botanical subjects. In a controversial incident, she was asked to remove some of her sensually-themed works from a major corporation for fear of sexual harassment lawsuits. The episode only served to render Luba’s work more collectible and much in demand.

She uses oil pastel, a medium not widely explored by the artists, charcoal and oil.

Luba is active on the Washington, DC art scene, and for many years has been involved with International Artist Support Group (IASG) and WPA/Corcoran, Washington,DC,USA.

She has been exhibited internationally, including USA, China, France, India, United Kingdom, Spain, Egypt and Russia.

Since 2004, Sterlikova is associate academician of Academia Internazionale “GRECI-MARINO”, Italy. The same year she became a member of International Federation of Artists & National Artist’s Union of Russia. Ms. Sterlikova is a member of L’Association Pour la Promotion des Artistes et des Createurs, Paris, France and Oil Pastel Society, USA, and Moscow Artist Union, Russia.

Sterlikova’s works are in private collections in UK, USA, France, Germany, China, Russia.

Participated in more than 70 solo and group shows.
Major exhibits include:

2008 – Las Vegas Art expo, USA

2008 – New York Art expo, USA

2008 – Moscow Artist Union Exhibition Hall, Moscow, Russia

2008 – Foundry gallery, Washington, DC, USA

2007 – Florence Art Biennale, Florence, Italy
2006,2004,2002 – Russian Cultural Center, Washington DC
2006- Nature’s Palette, Agora Gallery, New York

2005 – Edinburgh Art Fair, Edinburgh, UK

2005 – Manchester Art Fair, Manchester, UK

2005 – ‘Sensual Images’, Gallery West-Eleven, London, UK

2005 – l’Association A2PAC show, St Martin, Paris, France

2005 – ‘100 World Artists’, The Pyramid Gallery, Cairo, Egypt, catalogue.

2005 – ‘Form & Colour’, Gallery West-Eleven, London, UK

2004 – ‘100 oeuvres d’artistes expriment le Bonheur’, St Martin, Paris, France, catalogue

2004 – Women Artists Show: Art From the Other Side of the Pacific, Shanghai, China

2004 – Vision Gallery, Washington, DC

2004 – ‘Shape & Color’, APEX Gallery, Washington, DC

2004,2001 – Shanghai International Art Fair, Shanghai, China

2004 –‘International Women Artists’, The Grand Theater Gallery, Shanghai, China, catalogue

2004 – “Women in the Arts’, Latin American Art Museum, Miami, FL, catalogue

2004, 2003 – ‘ Unseen Eros on Potomac IV’, Washington, DC

2004,2003 – ‘MOCA Darlings’, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Washington, DC

2003 – ‘IASG for the 300th Anniversary of St.Petersburg’, EGO Gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia, catalogue with essay by Ken Oda

2003 – ‘Shanghai Art Fair Gallery Invitational Exhibition’, Art Museum, Shanghai, China

2003 – 24 Salon International Artistique de Haute-Loire, Le Puy-en-Velay, France

2003 – ‘Sensual Images’, The Art and Antique Collectors Gallery, Brunswick, MD

2003 – ‘Love & Eroticism’, Khoja Gallery, Arlington, VA

2002 – ‘IASG in China’, Tsinghua University Art Center, Beijing, China, catalogue

2002 – ‘Luminous palette’, Russian Cultural Center, Washington, DC

2002 –‘Bella Femmina’, Sabine Rose Gallery, Doylstown PA

2002,2000,1999 – ‘IASG in India’, Lalit Kala Akademy of Arts, New Delhi, India, catalogue with essay by Keshav Malik

2001 – International Art Fair, Shanghai, China

1998 – Washington Design Center, DC

1998, 1999 – solo shows at, Yellow Barn Gallery, MD


1. Contemporary Artists of the World, Biblioteca de Artistas de Las Comunidades Europeas’, Spain, 2008

2. Modern Art of Russia – 250 Yeas of the Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow,2007

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1. Art in London, Winter issue, 2008-2009

2. Art in London, Winter issue, 2007-2008

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5.. Art Calendar, magazine, July-August 2004 (cover)

6. ‘Shanghai Star’, weekly newspaper, China, March 4 -10, 2004

7. Capital Style, magazine, USA, May 1998

8. Greater Washington, magazine, USA , # 1, 1999

9. Greater Washington, magazine, USA , # 4, 1998


1. Your Source, 2008

2. News Program, Voice of America, 2007

3. Window on the World, Voice of America, 2004

4. Russian Journal, Fairfax cable TV, 1999

Marina Reiter

“Marina Reiter”

Always Here Always Here As Time Goes By Beyond Perception Come Out And Play With Me Dancing On A Cloud Destination Unknown Everchanging In The Shape Of Things To Come Looking For Something Rhapsody In Blue And Orange So Deep And Tempting Is The Dream Unconditional Where It Beings Where It Sleeps

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The Luxor Museum of Art is proud to include the works of Marina Reiter in our exclusive collection: “The Luxor Museum Collection”

Serguei Zlenko

Serguei Zlenko n.185. 90x76cm. o.k. 2008.jpg

“Serguei Zlenko”

Serguei Zlenko was born in 1960 in the Republic of Georgia. See bio below.

The Luxor Museum of Art is proud to include the works of Serguei Zlenko in our exclusive collection: “The Luxor Museum Collection”

Zlenko Serguei Zlenko Serguei Zlenko Serguei Zlenko Serguei Zlenko Serguei Zlenko Serguei After rehersal  30x35 oil on canvas Zlenko Serguei Zlenko Serguei Zlenko Serguei Zlenko Serguei Zlenko Serguei Zlenko Serguei Zlenko Serguei Zlenko Serguei Zlenko Serguei Zlenko Serguei Zlenko Serguei Break time Zlenko Serguei Cafe Florian 38x46cm Zlenko Serguei Caha Mountains Zlenko Serguei Carnival morning 81x65cm Zlenko Serguei Carnival San Marco square 100x50cm Zlenko Serguei Conversation 46x38cm Zlenko Serguei Couple in carnaval costumes 46x38cm Zlenko Serguei Dosoduro Early morning 63x46cm Zlenko Serguei Duomo 35x27cm Zlenko Serguei Evening light 46x38cm Zlenko Serguei Harbor 50x80cm Zlenko Serguei Horses 1 20x20 Zlenko Serguei Horses 2 40x50 Zlenko Serguei Horses 3 19x16 Zlenko Serguei Horses 4 17x20 Zlenko Serguei Horses 5 15x20 Zlenko Serguei Horses 6 40x60 Zlenko Serguei Il Ponte Vecchio 27x35cm Zlenko Serguei In front of Pal Cavalli 76 41x33cm Zlenko Serguei katajanokka iso Zlenko Serguei Kenmare 25x50cm Zlenko Serguei La Salute 35x25cm Zlenko Serguei Lady with fan 100x50cm Zlenko Serguei Laituri iso Zlenko Serguei Laiva 2 Zlenko Serguei Laiva iso Zlenko Serguei Laivat iso Zlenko Serguei Late evening Zlenko Serguei Lough Mask Zlenko Serguei Market on Piazza S Lorenzo 27x35cm Zlenko Serguei Mies 2 Zlenko Serguei Lunch time 41x27cm 2006 Zlenko Serguei Gondolier 41x25cm 2006 Zlenko Serguei n 156 46x38cm 2006 Zlenko Serguei n 159 46x38cm 2006 Zlenko Serguei n 160 ver Zlenko Serguei n 165 35x27cm 2006 Zlenko Serguei n 167 46x38cm 2006 Zlenko Serguei n 170 100x80cm 2007 vers Zlenko Serguei n 171 Dancer in red mask 46x38cm 2007 Zlenko Serguei n 177 45x50cm 2007 Zlenko Serguei Old gate Zlenko Serguei Old Head of Kinsale Zlenko Serguei Oma 2 Zlenko Serguei Patsas 1 Zlenko Serguei Patsas 2 Zlenko Serguei Patsas 3 Zlenko Serguei Patsas 4 Zlenko Serguei Patsas 5 Zlenko Serguei Patsas 6 Zlenko Serguei Patsas 7 Zlenko Serguei Patsas 8 Zlenko Serguei Patsas 9 Zlenko Serguei Patsas 10 Zlenko Serguei Patsas 11 Zlenko Serguei Piazza San Marco 27x35cm 2006 Zlenko Serguei pojat 2 Zlenko Serguei ranta iso Zlenko Serguei Resting dancers 35x30 oil on canvas 2008 Zlenko Serguei River Arno Florence 27x35cm 2007 Zlenko Serguei San Giorgio Maggiore 20x35cm 2006 Zlenko Serguei Scene from the beach Zlenko Serguei Scene from Wiklow mountains Zlenko Serguei sea 31 40x50 Zlenko Serguei sea 47 50x100 Zlenko Serguei sea 50 45x90 Zlenko Serguei sea 53 20x30 Zlenko Serguei sea 55 80x55 Zlenko Serguei sea 57 27x35 Zlenko Serguei sea 61 27x35 Zlenko Serguei sea 62 27x19 Zlenko Serguei sea 64 27x35 Zlenko Serguei sea 65 25x50 Zlenko Serguei sea 66 27x35 Zlenko Serguei sea 68 27x35 Zlenko Serguei sea 69 46x55 Zlenko Serguei sea 74 24x33 Zlenko Serguei sea 75 60x40 Zlenko Serguei sea 76 50x60 Zlenko Serguei sea 92 Zlenko Serguei Sheen Falls Zlenko Serguei Stephen Green park 33x41cm 2006 Zlenko Serguei Street in Florence 35x27cm 2007 Zlenko Serguei Street in Kinsale Zlenko Serguei Sunny day Crafton street 38x46cm 2007 Zlenko Serguei Sunset over Kinsale Zlenko Serguei taivas 2 Zlenko Serguei toolonlahti iso Zlenko Serguei tuli 2 Zlenko Serguei Valey in mountains Zlenko Serguei vanhakirkko iso Zlenko Serguei venho iso Zlenko Serguei Venice boats 35x27cm 2006 Zlenko Serguei Venice Local market 46x63cm 2006 Zlenko Serguei Venician window 73x55cm 2007 Zlenko Serguei View on della Salute 46x63cm 2006 Zlenko Serguei View on Florence from Torre di Bellosguardo 27x35cm 2007 Zlenko Serguei Villa iso Zlenko Serguei Waiting 80x60cm 2008 Zlenko Serguei Walking along Canal 45x60cm 2007 Zlenko Serguei Walking on shallow water 35x27cm 2007 Zlenko Serguei Waterfall near Asleagh

Serguei Zlenko was born in the Republic of Georgia in 1960. He studied at the Russian Academy in Moscow and later obtained a Master in Fine Art from Surikov Art Academy in 1984.

In 1993, Serguei was invited to become a member of the Finnish Artists’ Association, and, later in 1996, the Russian Artists’ Association. His most recent exhibitions include the Fletcher Gallery in New York; Galerie Horhammer, Helsinki; Museum of Applied Art, Finland; Gallery Art Encounter, Las Vegas; and Sala Barna Gallery in Barcelona.

Serguei Zlenko belongs to a generation of Russian painters whose creativity falls in the critical period at the turn of the century. In this respect it proves to be very important to preserve the conception of inviolable aesthetic values in our rapidly changing world.
Serguei’s choice of subject matter is extensive; including ballet dancers both in preparation for and during performance; portraiture and landscape in the plein-air tradition. His approach also fluctuates between realism and surrealism.

In collection of
Finnish Motor Vehicle Inspection Ltd
National Board of Public Buildings
Technical University
City Magistracy
Geological Survey of Finland
Federation of Finnish Entrepreneurs
Thomeisto oy
Flinkenberg and Co
Fiskars Oy
Tuokko Deloitte & Touche Oy
Museum Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova

Natalia Vetrova

“Natalia Vetrova”

The Luxor Museum of Art is proud to include the works of Natalia Vetrova in our exclusive collection: “The Luxor Museum Collection”

Artist Biography

Natalia Vetrova was born in Moscow. She began formal arts training at the Technical College of Industrial & Applied Arts in Moscow, specializing in sculpture between 1981 and 1985. Her love in sculpture translated into a position as interior designer at a stained glass workshop in Moscow. Natalia began exhibiting professionally after graduation in 1995 from the Stroganov Academy of Art, where she qualified with a Master of Art Criticism and Design.

Her longing for inspiration and fresh ideas takes her through Asia, as a member of a geological expedition, then further to Europe, and Paris, where she survives by portraiture in front of Notre Dome de Paris. Ultimately, Natalia’s travels led her to the natural beauty of Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1997. Natalia opened her Studio of Art and Design, where she teaches and works. Her paintings are internationally sought after by private collectors.

Arlekino 30x60in pastel Carnival 40x30in pastel girl with a cherry 18x18in oil girl with a lavender 18x18in oil girl with a pomegranate 18x18in oil italian fountain 48x38in oil Italian Carnival 60x96in oil Nostalgia 60x96in oil september 40x30in pastel Tiger 48x90in oil Vetrova Natalia 001 Vetrova Natalia 002 Vetrova Natalia 003 Vetrova Natalia 004 Vetrova Natalia 005 Vetrova Natalia 006 Vetrova Natalia 007 Vetrova Natalia 008 Vetrova Natalia0 09 Vetrova Natalia 012 Vetrova Natalia 013 Vetrova Natalia 014 Vetrova Natalia 015 Vetrova Natalia 016 Vetrova Natalia 017 Vetrova Natalia 018 Vetrova Natalia 019 Vetrova Natalia 023 Vetrova Natalia 024 Vetrova Natalia 025 Wings 48x70in oil

Victor Kazanin

“Victor Kazanin”

The Luxor Museum of Art is proud to include the works of Victor Kazanin in our exclusive collection: “The Luxor Museum Collection”

“When I do a painting, I feel as if God is in me”
Victor Kazanin

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grape festival mixed media, gold leaf 58x74 her world oil, gold leaf 77x101 bewitched mixed media 39x71 all songs oil, gold leaf 51x71 people mixed media 51x61 griffin LL egg tempera, gold leaf 38x43 griffin L egg tempera, fold leaf 38x43 leon egg tempera, gold leaf

Victor Kazanin is a Russian born iconographer and fine artist of exceptional skills. Since his early childhood years, he has been drawn to the images of ancient Christian art which he saw in the museums and churches. “ I found refugee in the church,” said Victor Kazanin. “ God helped me escape all the circumstances. There were opportunities and I saw my future with them. Today, things are much different in Mother Russia. After years of suppression and down times provided by forces of the communism, the religion is enjoying a resurgence.”

Victor Kazanin’s formal training includes the following: The School of Applied Arts of Moscow University, the Studios of the Moscow Iconographers ( 1982-1991 ), as well as private coaching from Adolph Ovchinikov ( world-famous iconographer and leading restorer of the icon treasures in the Russian Stat Museum ).In the studio of Moscow Iconographers, he started studying Byzantine style, and spent over 7 years sharpening his skills.

Victor came to Washington, D.C. in 1992 as a part of the team of iconographers to work at the St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral. Victor always seeks to create a beauty in the world of the icons. His icons are painted in the highly artistic way, yet with the traditional Byzantine style. Archbishop Theodosuis awarded Victor the grammota in 1995. In Washington, D.C. he also worked with Fr. Feodor Koufus on the iconography of St. John Babtist Orthodox Cathedral.

Victor Kazanin was lured from Washington by church leaders eager to tap on the centuries-old orthodox tradition of blending art and religion. For a total of five years he was working in the El Rio Church in Oxnard, California. On the walls, once empty and white, he has spread a brilliant tapestry of biblical scenes and solemn-paced icons in acrylic splashes of teal, crimson, and gold.

V. Kazanin is always able to find harmony between exciting surroundings and his work. He has been creating icons and frescos for many years. He is masterful in his art and technique, and seeks perfection at every stage. “ I paint from my heart,” he said to a Los Angeles Time reporter. His art is intended to encourage prayer and meditation, and to provide a “ window to eternity. There is an uplifting spirit. It is the meeting place between heaven and earth.” Before painting an icon, Victor prepares himself. He reads a tremendous amount of the history and theology, listens to classical music, prays and fasts, and avoids any world excitements during his work process. Victor Kazanin works 3-4 times faster than any other iconographer. “ It is difficult to explain the energy it where it comes from but I don’t seem to have direct control. It feels to me like a gift,” he said.

Evgeny Vereschagin

“Evgeny Vereschagin”

Fugitive Little Eve Nude Rider Solomea

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The Luxor Museum of Art is proud to include the works of Evgeny Vereschagin in our exclusive collection: “The Luxor Museum Collection”

Volodia Popov

“Volodia Popov”

The Luxor Museum of Art is proud to include the works of Volodia Popov in our exclusive collection: “The Luxor Museum Collection”

“A painting is a fellow who speaks of something that can only enter a human being through the eyes.”

Claude Simon

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antiquarian subjects on an old chair 92x60cm acrylic on canvas  i26 ancel's melody 100x65cm acrylic on canvas i6 after aperitif 100x73cm acrylic on canvas i9 apples for adam 80x80cm acrylic on canvas i1 balance and 2 fishes 65x100cm acrylic on canvas i15 black and white 60x81cm acrylic on canvas i16 cards castle 81x60cm acrylic on canvas i2 cocktail with limon 92x73cm acrylic on canvas i2 danaide 73x92cm acrylic on canvas i3 dialogue with a mask 46x38cm acrylic on canvas i8 earring for natasha 100x81cm acrylic on canvas i1 favorite doll 116x81cm acrylic on canvas i9 flamenco (triptych ) i6 flamenco (triptych) 116x267 acrylic on canvas i5 flamenco (triptych) i7 flora with the cat 100x100cm acrylic on canvas i17 full moon 80x80cm acrylic on canvas i1 game of patience 130x89cm acrylic on canvas i3 game with oranges 116x81cm acrylic on canvas i8 gift of the sea 65x100cm acrylic on canvas i19 girl playing with the cat 100x100cm acrylic on canvas i5 girl with a cornflower 65x100cm acylic on canvas i24 in a puppet theater 92x73cm acrylic on canvas i13 in the theatre 55x46cm acrylic on canvas i4 lamp on a chair 100x73cm acrylic on canvas i8 laying on a bench 50x100cm acrylic on canvas i5 laying on a bright blanket 50x100 acrylic on canvas i6 letter from paris 60x73cm acrylic on canvas i25 life space 130x130cm mixed media i1 melancholie 36x24in acrylic on canvas i5 metamorphosis 46x29in acrylic on canvas i30 metamorphosises flight 116x73cm  acrylic on canvas i11 metamorphosises performance II 116x73cm acrylic on canvas i10 morning in a bath 41x27cm acrylic on canvas i4 morning physical exercise 100x81cm acrylic on canvas i14 mysterious with a lemon 73x54cm acrylic on canvas i3 night butterfly 92x60cm acrylic on canvas i2 odaliska III 100x73cm acrylic on canvas i13 oh-la-la 81x54cm acrylic on canvas i7 old paris 29x24in acrylic on canvas i20 old paris II 50x50cm acrylic on canvas i21 pagan goddess 130x89cm acrylic on canvas i4 party still life 81x65cm acrylic on canvas i3 pomegranate 65x54cm acrylic on canvas i22 portrait of the singer 130x89cm acrylic on canvas i10 portrait 81x60cm acrylic on canvas i8 portrait 81x100cm acrylic on canvas i9 red cat 100x100cm acrylic on canvas i9 red fan 92x73cm acrylic on canvas i21 reflection 73x100cm acrylic on canvas i12 rehearsal 130x81cm acrylic on canvas i2 seating on the balcony 100x73cm acrylic on canvas i7 serenade 116x89cm acrylic on canvas i10 sign of sun 100x81cm acrylic on canvas i6 siren pochlarn 150x100cm acrylic on canvas i27 stefania in the hat 120x60cm acrylic on canvas i28 still life with exotic fruit 46x38cm acrylic on canvas i11 sveta with a dog 65x50cm acrylic on canvas i7 tsarina gulshat 92x73cm acrylic on canvas i4 turkish tea 55x46cm acrylic on canvas i18

Volodia Popov-Massiaguine has tackled a variety of pictorial genres, exhibiting a particular talent for the female form and still-life’s. Thanks to a mixture of classical rigor and romantic fantasy, totally unaffected by any desire to copy others, Volodia Popov has turned his back on “realistic” illusion and expresses his feeling for life through a deliberate
And lucid deformation of nature, thanks to a melancholic lyricism, to the mediation of dream world and fable. His works evolve in a magic atmosphere, in which predominates the inner life, meditation, aspirations to transcendence.

The enigma of womanhood, the surprise apparition of a portrait, the fairytale quality of certain objects…..for Vladimir Popov these mighty constants, which supply the foundation of his work, are at the same time potentials within which his poetic sense enjoys free play.

Each painting offers the viewer a sensual delight which offers introspective displacement thanks to an operation of magical enchantment.

Please is the rule. However, one should not misinterpret Volodia Popov’s objectives. It is not simply a question of esthetic enjoyment; rather it is a dialogue between melancholic sensibility and plastic beauty.

The compositions of Volodia Popov’s paintings are structured according to the laws of geometry, thanks to plane forms freed of all rigidly formal constraints.
No element seems to be superfluous. Purified, the composition facilitates the free movement of one’s gaze. From Byzantine iconography Volodia Popov has derived a form of composition with an inversed frontal perspective, which permits the viewer to concentrate on the figure, positioned in the very centre of the canvas in an often hieratic attitude. All realistic representation having been thus excluded, the viewer’s gaze is freed from the thralldom of semblance in order more easily to penetrate into a mysterious inner world.

A realization of how precarious is the equilibrium between the different elements of the composition reinforces the evanescent character of his painting.

Freed of every realistic and illustrative tendency, Volodia Popov uses a rich palette of colors with limitless warm hues. He thus plays with a vast variety of possibilities, without upsetting his permanent search for harmony The flesh tints are delicate, lines and colors blend, the relationships between hues are treated with a sure sense of nuance, light is introduced by subtle gradations of yellow and golden tones.

Far from rejecting his past, Volodia Popov has integrated his Russian heritage into his works thanks to a cosmopolitan view of art. His predilection for line and rhythm, his choice of colors, the frontal representation of his figures, the narrative enchantment of his paintings….are signs that need to interpreted in light of his Russian and Orthodox heritage.

Volodia Popov has brilliantly achieved a synthesis between Eastern and Western art, the figurative and the abstract, the real and the imaginary.

George Elliot

“George Elliot”

See Bio Below

china rose 23x15 watercolor_ink on rice paper lily flowers 23x16 watercolor_ink on rice paper lotus flower 13x19 watercolor_ink on rice paper magnolia 23x16 watercolor_ink on rice paper moon guardians 20x16 ink on rice paper poincaetta 23x16 watercolor_ink on rice paper

The Luxor Museum of Art is proud to include the works of George Elliot in our exclusive collection: “The Luxor Museum Collection”

Roudolf Kharatia

“Roudolf Kharatia”

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ardent spirits 20x20 oil on canvas.jpg kindred spirits VI 36x36 oil on canvas.jpg the gathering 30x30 oil on canvas.jpg the horsement 30x24 oil on canvas.jpg the lone rider 30x20 oil on board.jpg untitled oil on canvas 36x36.jpg

The Luxor Museum of Art is proud to include the works of Roudolf Kharatia in our exclusive collection: “The Luxor Museum Collection”

Luxor Museum of Art

Luxor Museum of Art is proud to announce the launch of the new Art Collection: “The Luxor Museum Collection” This exclusive to the Luxor Museum of Art collection, features high quality fully documented Art.


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