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Luxor Museum of Art: Roudolf Kharatia

Roudolf Kharatia

“Roudolf Kharatia”

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ardent spirits 20x20 oil on canvas.jpg kindred spirits VI 36x36 oil on canvas.jpg the gathering 30x30 oil on canvas.jpg the horsement 30x24 oil on canvas.jpg the lone rider 30x20 oil on board.jpg untitled oil on canvas 36x36.jpg

The Luxor Museum of Art is proud to include the works of Roudolf Kharatia in our exclusive collection: “The Luxor Museum Collection”

Luxor Museum of Art

Luxor Museum of Art is proud to announce the launch of the new Art Collection: “The Luxor Museum Collection” This exclusive to the Luxor Museum of Art collection, features high quality fully documented Art.


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