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Luxor Museum of Art: Natalia Vetrova

Natalia Vetrova

“Natalia Vetrova”

The Luxor Museum of Art is proud to include the works of Natalia Vetrova in our exclusive collection: “The Luxor Museum Collection”

Artist Biography

Natalia Vetrova was born in Moscow. She began formal arts training at the Technical College of Industrial & Applied Arts in Moscow, specializing in sculpture between 1981 and 1985. Her love in sculpture translated into a position as interior designer at a stained glass workshop in Moscow. Natalia began exhibiting professionally after graduation in 1995 from the Stroganov Academy of Art, where she qualified with a Master of Art Criticism and Design.

Her longing for inspiration and fresh ideas takes her through Asia, as a member of a geological expedition, then further to Europe, and Paris, where she survives by portraiture in front of Notre Dome de Paris. Ultimately, Natalia’s travels led her to the natural beauty of Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1997. Natalia opened her Studio of Art and Design, where she teaches and works. Her paintings are internationally sought after by private collectors.

Arlekino 30x60in pastel Carnival 40x30in pastel girl with a cherry 18x18in oil girl with a lavender 18x18in oil girl with a pomegranate 18x18in oil italian fountain 48x38in oil Italian Carnival 60x96in oil Nostalgia 60x96in oil september 40x30in pastel Tiger 48x90in oil Vetrova Natalia 001 Vetrova Natalia 002 Vetrova Natalia 003 Vetrova Natalia 004 Vetrova Natalia 005 Vetrova Natalia 006 Vetrova Natalia 007 Vetrova Natalia 008 Vetrova Natalia0 09 Vetrova Natalia 012 Vetrova Natalia 013 Vetrova Natalia 014 Vetrova Natalia 015 Vetrova Natalia 016 Vetrova Natalia 017 Vetrova Natalia 018 Vetrova Natalia 019 Vetrova Natalia 023 Vetrova Natalia 024 Vetrova Natalia 025 Wings 48x70in oil

Luxor Museum of Art

Luxor Museum of Art is proud to announce the launch of the new Art Collection: “The Luxor Museum Collection” This exclusive to the Luxor Museum of Art collection, features high quality fully documented Art.


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