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Luxor Museum of Art: Victor Kazanin

Victor Kazanin

“Victor Kazanin”

The Luxor Museum of Art is proud to include the works of Victor Kazanin in our exclusive collection: “The Luxor Museum Collection”

“When I do a painting, I feel as if God is in me”
Victor Kazanin

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grape festival mixed media, gold leaf 58x74 her world oil, gold leaf 77x101 bewitched mixed media 39x71 all songs oil, gold leaf 51x71 people mixed media 51x61 griffin LL egg tempera, gold leaf 38x43 griffin L egg tempera, fold leaf 38x43 leon egg tempera, gold leaf

Victor Kazanin is a Russian born iconographer and fine artist of exceptional skills. Since his early childhood years, he has been drawn to the images of ancient Christian art which he saw in the museums and churches. “ I found refugee in the church,” said Victor Kazanin. “ God helped me escape all the circumstances. There were opportunities and I saw my future with them. Today, things are much different in Mother Russia. After years of suppression and down times provided by forces of the communism, the religion is enjoying a resurgence.”

Victor Kazanin’s formal training includes the following: The School of Applied Arts of Moscow University, the Studios of the Moscow Iconographers ( 1982-1991 ), as well as private coaching from Adolph Ovchinikov ( world-famous iconographer and leading restorer of the icon treasures in the Russian Stat Museum ).In the studio of Moscow Iconographers, he started studying Byzantine style, and spent over 7 years sharpening his skills.

Victor came to Washington, D.C. in 1992 as a part of the team of iconographers to work at the St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral. Victor always seeks to create a beauty in the world of the icons. His icons are painted in the highly artistic way, yet with the traditional Byzantine style. Archbishop Theodosuis awarded Victor the grammota in 1995. In Washington, D.C. he also worked with Fr. Feodor Koufus on the iconography of St. John Babtist Orthodox Cathedral.

Victor Kazanin was lured from Washington by church leaders eager to tap on the centuries-old orthodox tradition of blending art and religion. For a total of five years he was working in the El Rio Church in Oxnard, California. On the walls, once empty and white, he has spread a brilliant tapestry of biblical scenes and solemn-paced icons in acrylic splashes of teal, crimson, and gold.

V. Kazanin is always able to find harmony between exciting surroundings and his work. He has been creating icons and frescos for many years. He is masterful in his art and technique, and seeks perfection at every stage. “ I paint from my heart,” he said to a Los Angeles Time reporter. His art is intended to encourage prayer and meditation, and to provide a “ window to eternity. There is an uplifting spirit. It is the meeting place between heaven and earth.” Before painting an icon, Victor prepares himself. He reads a tremendous amount of the history and theology, listens to classical music, prays and fasts, and avoids any world excitements during his work process. Victor Kazanin works 3-4 times faster than any other iconographer. “ It is difficult to explain the energy it where it comes from but I don’t seem to have direct control. It feels to me like a gift,” he said.

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