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Luxor Museum of Art: Volodia Popov

Volodia Popov

“Volodia Popov”

The Luxor Museum of Art is proud to include the works of Volodia Popov in our exclusive collection: “The Luxor Museum Collection”

“A painting is a fellow who speaks of something that can only enter a human being through the eyes.”

Claude Simon

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antiquarian subjects on an old chair 92x60cm acrylic on canvas  i26 ancel's melody 100x65cm acrylic on canvas i6 after aperitif 100x73cm acrylic on canvas i9 apples for adam 80x80cm acrylic on canvas i1 balance and 2 fishes 65x100cm acrylic on canvas i15 black and white 60x81cm acrylic on canvas i16 cards castle 81x60cm acrylic on canvas i2 cocktail with limon 92x73cm acrylic on canvas i2 danaide 73x92cm acrylic on canvas i3 dialogue with a mask 46x38cm acrylic on canvas i8 earring for natasha 100x81cm acrylic on canvas i1 favorite doll 116x81cm acrylic on canvas i9 flamenco (triptych ) i6 flamenco (triptych) 116x267 acrylic on canvas i5 flamenco (triptych) i7 flora with the cat 100x100cm acrylic on canvas i17 full moon 80x80cm acrylic on canvas i1 game of patience 130x89cm acrylic on canvas i3 game with oranges 116x81cm acrylic on canvas i8 gift of the sea 65x100cm acrylic on canvas i19 girl playing with the cat 100x100cm acrylic on canvas i5 girl with a cornflower 65x100cm acylic on canvas i24 in a puppet theater 92x73cm acrylic on canvas i13 in the theatre 55x46cm acrylic on canvas i4 lamp on a chair 100x73cm acrylic on canvas i8 laying on a bench 50x100cm acrylic on canvas i5 laying on a bright blanket 50x100 acrylic on canvas i6 letter from paris 60x73cm acrylic on canvas i25 life space 130x130cm mixed media i1 melancholie 36x24in acrylic on canvas i5 metamorphosis 46x29in acrylic on canvas i30 metamorphosises flight 116x73cm  acrylic on canvas i11 metamorphosises performance II 116x73cm acrylic on canvas i10 morning in a bath 41x27cm acrylic on canvas i4 morning physical exercise 100x81cm acrylic on canvas i14 mysterious with a lemon 73x54cm acrylic on canvas i3 night butterfly 92x60cm acrylic on canvas i2 odaliska III 100x73cm acrylic on canvas i13 oh-la-la 81x54cm acrylic on canvas i7 old paris 29x24in acrylic on canvas i20 old paris II 50x50cm acrylic on canvas i21 pagan goddess 130x89cm acrylic on canvas i4 party still life 81x65cm acrylic on canvas i3 pomegranate 65x54cm acrylic on canvas i22 portrait of the singer 130x89cm acrylic on canvas i10 portrait 81x60cm acrylic on canvas i8 portrait 81x100cm acrylic on canvas i9 red cat 100x100cm acrylic on canvas i9 red fan 92x73cm acrylic on canvas i21 reflection 73x100cm acrylic on canvas i12 rehearsal 130x81cm acrylic on canvas i2 seating on the balcony 100x73cm acrylic on canvas i7 serenade 116x89cm acrylic on canvas i10 sign of sun 100x81cm acrylic on canvas i6 siren pochlarn 150x100cm acrylic on canvas i27 stefania in the hat 120x60cm acrylic on canvas i28 still life with exotic fruit 46x38cm acrylic on canvas i11 sveta with a dog 65x50cm acrylic on canvas i7 tsarina gulshat 92x73cm acrylic on canvas i4 turkish tea 55x46cm acrylic on canvas i18

Volodia Popov-Massiaguine has tackled a variety of pictorial genres, exhibiting a particular talent for the female form and still-life’s. Thanks to a mixture of classical rigor and romantic fantasy, totally unaffected by any desire to copy others, Volodia Popov has turned his back on “realistic” illusion and expresses his feeling for life through a deliberate
And lucid deformation of nature, thanks to a melancholic lyricism, to the mediation of dream world and fable. His works evolve in a magic atmosphere, in which predominates the inner life, meditation, aspirations to transcendence.

The enigma of womanhood, the surprise apparition of a portrait, the fairytale quality of certain objects…..for Vladimir Popov these mighty constants, which supply the foundation of his work, are at the same time potentials within which his poetic sense enjoys free play.

Each painting offers the viewer a sensual delight which offers introspective displacement thanks to an operation of magical enchantment.

Please is the rule. However, one should not misinterpret Volodia Popov’s objectives. It is not simply a question of esthetic enjoyment; rather it is a dialogue between melancholic sensibility and plastic beauty.

The compositions of Volodia Popov’s paintings are structured according to the laws of geometry, thanks to plane forms freed of all rigidly formal constraints.
No element seems to be superfluous. Purified, the composition facilitates the free movement of one’s gaze. From Byzantine iconography Volodia Popov has derived a form of composition with an inversed frontal perspective, which permits the viewer to concentrate on the figure, positioned in the very centre of the canvas in an often hieratic attitude. All realistic representation having been thus excluded, the viewer’s gaze is freed from the thralldom of semblance in order more easily to penetrate into a mysterious inner world.

A realization of how precarious is the equilibrium between the different elements of the composition reinforces the evanescent character of his painting.

Freed of every realistic and illustrative tendency, Volodia Popov uses a rich palette of colors with limitless warm hues. He thus plays with a vast variety of possibilities, without upsetting his permanent search for harmony The flesh tints are delicate, lines and colors blend, the relationships between hues are treated with a sure sense of nuance, light is introduced by subtle gradations of yellow and golden tones.

Far from rejecting his past, Volodia Popov has integrated his Russian heritage into his works thanks to a cosmopolitan view of art. His predilection for line and rhythm, his choice of colors, the frontal representation of his figures, the narrative enchantment of his paintings….are signs that need to interpreted in light of his Russian and Orthodox heritage.

Volodia Popov has brilliantly achieved a synthesis between Eastern and Western art, the figurative and the abstract, the real and the imaginary.

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